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npf shortlist portal

npf shortlist portal

NPF SHORTLIST PORTAL: The Nigeria Police Force conducts regular recruitment exercises to enlist qualified individuals into various positions within the force. While I can provide general information about the Nigeria Police recruitment process, please note that specific details may change over time, and it’s important to refer to official sources or the Nigeria Police Force website for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Here are some key points regarding the Nigeria Police recruitment process: also therefore

npf shortlist portal

Eligibility Criteria

The Nigeria Police recruitment typically has certain eligibility criteria that candidates must meet. These criteria may include age requirements, educational qualifications, physical fitness standards, citizenship, and character requirements. It is essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria specified in the recruitment advertisement or notification.

Recruitment Channels

The Nigeria Police recruitment process may involve different channels, such as online applications, recruitment portals, or physical application submission at designated centers. The official website of the Nigeria Police Force or relevant recruitment portals will provide detailed instructions on how to apply. also therefore

Application Process

Candidates are generally required to complete an application form, providing accurate and relevant information. This may include personal details, educational background, employment history, and any other required documentation or certificates. also therefore

Screening and Testing

After the application submission phase, candidates may undergo several screening and testing stages. These may include physical fitness tests, written examinations, medical examinations, and interviews. The specific tests and assessments may vary depending on the position applied for. also therefore

Background Checks

The Nigeria Police conducts thorough background checks on candidates to ensure their suitability for the role. This may involve verification of educational qualifications, employment history, character references, and criminal records checks.


Successful candidates who pass all stages of the recruitment process may be require to undergo training at designate police training institutions. The training period aims to equip recruits with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical standards require for their role within the Nigeria Police Force.

Official Communication

Throughout the recruitment process, it is crucial to regularly check official communication channels such as the Nigeria Police Force website, recruitment portals, or register email addresses for updates, notifications, and instructions from the authorities.

Remember, it is important to rely on official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Nigeria Police recruitment process. Keep an eye on official announcements and follow the instructions provided during each stage of the recruitment exercise.

Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023. Do you wish to check NPF Shortlisted Names 2023? Here you are on the right page for Nigeria Police List of Successful Candidates PDF List that have been shortlisted for the screening exercise.

Applicants who apply for the Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Exercise 2023 can now check if their names are out for the next stage of the exercise. This article will show you the guidelines for checking the Nigeria Police Shortlist 2023 on

From verify news source, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Shortlist candidates 2023 names has been on the NPF shortlist portal and candidates whose names are on the list have been invite to participate in the upcoming screening exercise.

Is Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Out?

npf shortlist portal

Yes, the Nigeria Police Shortlist 2023 is out. As candidates that apply for the recruitment, please do well to visit and download the PDF List containing the shortlisted candidates’ names for NPF.

Instructions have been given to candidates that have made the list. Including details on the venue of their screening exercise as well as requirements expected of candidates. The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Inspector-General affirm that messages have been sent to candidates to notify them of their status as regards to the shortlist.

Now, we will show you the procedures you need to follow if you want to check your Name on NPF Nigeria Police list 2023. Please take note, Nigeria Police will only shortlist candidates who is fit to join the force. This means that as long as you have met the requirements, your name will most likely appear on Police shortlist. As well as

How to Check Nigeria Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023

Below, are the steps candidates should use to check the Nigeria Police Shortlist 2023:

  • Visit NPF Shortlist Portal
  • Provide your Application ID.
  • Login to the Portal.
  • Click on Shortlisted Candidates as well as
  • Download the PDF List and Find Your Name.

Please also take note, Candidates who have not found their names on the shortlist are advise not to appear for screening. Doing so is an offence and you will be duly punish by the Nigeria Police Authorities.

However, if your name appears on the list, you should get ready for the Nigeria Police screening which is likely to hold nationwide. Please visit to obtain more information on the shortlist. as well as

Candidates will still have to be available for both the physical and medical screening exercise. Nigeria Police which will only hold after the screening exercise is conduct successfully.

If this article on NPF Shortlisted 2023 was useful to you. Please drop a comment just in the comment box below this page. So that we can keep in touch with and provide you with news updates on NPF Shortlist. As well as therefore

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