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How to Apply for admission to UNILAG foundation Studies (JUPEB)

Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) Admission

How to Apply for admission to UNILAG foundation Studies (JUPEB)Introduction on How to Apply for admission to UNILAG foundation Studies (JUPEB): Welcome to the official announcement of the UNILAG Joint University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) Admission! This program aimed at providing a pathway for candidates to gain admission into various undergraduate programs at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and other universities.

Applications are sought from appropriately qualified individuals into the Foundation Studies School, University of Lagos for the latest Academic Session. Highly accomplished candidates after an endorsed assessment conducted by the Collaborative University Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), are qualified for consideration for Direct Entry admission into 200 Level of the University Degree Program via JAMB (Unified Admissions and Matriculation Board). Please noted that the program presently lacks provisions for the visually impaired and is strictly a non-residential initiative.

About UNILAG JUPEB Program

The UNILAG JUPEB Program is a one-year foundation program designed to prepare candidates for direct entry admission into the 200 level of undergraduate degree programs at UNILAG and other partnering universities. It offers intensive academic training and comprehensive support to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in their chosen fields of study.

Eligibility Criteria/Requirements for all prospective candidates 

To be eligible for the UNILAG JUPEB Program, candidates must have a minimum of five O-Level credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English Language obtained at one sitting at the SSCE/WASSC, GCE/O/L, NECO with results obtained prior to registration. Additionally, candidates must meet the age requirement specified by the university.

Application Process on How to Apply for admission to UNILAG foundation Studies (JUPEB)

The application process for the UNILAG JUPEB Program involves completing an online application form available on the university’s official website. Applicants are required to provide accurate personal and academic information, upload necessary documents, and pay the prescribed application fee. see the the application processes below:

How to successfully Apply E- Application portal

  1. Navigate to the Foundation Studies website at and peruse further details on application form sales
  2. Visit the Foundation Studies School application portal on
  3. Under the potential student’s section, select the Foundation Studies School.
  4. Review the information on relevant subject combinations pertinent to your intended course of study for Direct Entry admission. Note that adjustments have been made to the previous combinations.
  5. Fill out the Pre-Application Form to acquire a payment reference number (PRN) using the correct applicant’s names as stated in the birth certificate and other pertinent documents.
  6. Make payment at any Commercial bank in Nigeria with the payment reference number (PRN)
  7. The Application Form costs N35,000.00 (excluding Bank Charges) and is non-refundable.
  8. Return to the application portal on
  9. Log in using PRN as username and applicant’s surname in lowercase as password.
  10. Complete the application form and print two copies for your records.

Course Combination Code for UNILAG JUPEB Admission

The Foundation Studies School will offer an intensive one session curriculum instructing subjects in accordance with JUPEB syllabus for admission in line with the following subject combination classifications:

  1. CRS/IRS – Music – Visual Arts                                                   SFS001
  2. CRS/IRS – French – Literature in English                                     SFS002
  3.  CRS/IRS – Igbo/Yoruba – Literature in English                            SFS003
  4. CRS/IRS – History – Literature in English                                    SFS004
  5.   CRS/IRS – Music – Literature in English                                      SFS005
  6.   Economics – History – Literature in English                                 SFS006
  7.   CRS/IRS – Igbo/Yoruba – Visual Arts                                         SFS007
  8.      CRS/IRS – History – Visual Arts                                                 SFS008
  9.      CRS/IRS – Government – Visual Arts                                          SFS009
  10.    CRS/IRS – Government – Music                                                 SFS010
  11.    CRS/IRS – Government – Igbo/Yoruba                                        SFS011
  12.    CRS/IRS – Economics – Government                                          SFS012
  13.    CRS/IRS – French – Government                                                SFS013
  14.    Literature – Government – French                                               SFS014
  15.    CRS/IRS – Government – Literature in English                             SFS015
  16.    Literature In English – Music – Visual Arts                                  SFS016
  17.    French – Igbo/Yoruba – Literature in English                                SFS017
  18.   Government – Music – Visual Arts                                              SFS018
  19.    Economics – Government – Literature in English                          SFS019
  20.    Business Studies – Economics – Mathematics                               SFS020
  21.    Government – Music – Literature in English                                 SFS021
  22.    Accounting – Business Studies – Economics                                 SFS022
  23.    Accounting – Economics – Geography                                         SFS023
  24.    Accounting – Economics – Government                                       SFS024
  25.    Business Studies – Economics – Government                                SFS025
  26.    Business Studies – Economics – Geography                                  SFS026
  27.    Economics – Geography – Government                                        SFS027
  28.    Biology – Chemistry – Physics                                                    SFS028
  29.    Biology – Mathematics – Physics                                                SFS029
  30.    Biology – Economics – Government                                            SFS030
  31.    Biology – Chemistry – Mathematics                                             SFS031
  32.    Biology – Chemistry – Economics                                               SFS032
  33.    Chemistry – Physics – Mathematics                                             SFS033
  34.    Chemistry – Economics – Mathematics                                        SFS034
  35.    Economics – Mathematics – Physics                                            SFS035
  36.    Mathematics – Physics – Visual Arts                                            SFS036
  37.    Mathematics – Economics – Geography                                       SFS037
  38.    Mathematics – Geography – Physics                                            SFS038
  39.    Mathematics – Economics – Government                                     SFS039

Past examination questions will be accessible online few days to the examination date on to Print a copy for yourself.


  1. Ensure to get the information on the relevant subject combination for your course of study before completing the online application forms.
  2. Confirm that you have passed the three (3) subjects’ combination at O/Level with a minimum of credit.
  3. The Application opens on or before May 13, 2024 through August 9, 2024.
  4. The entrance examination will take place on 17, August 2024, at the Distance Learning Institute (DLI) within the University of Lagos.
  5. Examination Mode: Computer-Based Tests.
  6. All Questions are Multiple Choice.
  7. Examination subjects are: Mathematics, English Language (20 questions each) and 3 other relevant subjects according to candidate’s choice of subject combination (15 questions each), making a total of 85 questions, to be answered in forty-five (45) minutes. Note that candidates with Mathematics as one of the three subject combinations would need to choose Further Mathematics as a subject in the entrance examination combination.
  8. Results and merit admission will be released on

Selection Process on How to Apply for admission to UNILAG foundation Studies (JUPEB)

Candidates will be selected for admission into the UNILAG JUPEB Program based on their performance in the entrance examination and fulfillment of the eligibility criteria. Shortlisted candidates will undergo a screening process, after which successful candidates will receive provisional admission into the program.

Benefits of JUPEB Program

  1. Provides a direct pathway to 200 level admission into undergraduate programs at UNILAG and other universities.
  2. Equips students with the academic foundation and skills necessary for success in higher education.
  3. Offers comprehensive support and guidance throughout the program duration.
  4. Enhances students’ competitiveness in the job market and future academic pursuits.

PLEASE DONT FORGET THAT: The UNILAG JUPEB entrance examination will assess candidates’ proficiency in core subjects relevant to their chosen field of study. The examination will be conducted at designated centers, and candidates will be notified of their examination venues and schedules upon successful completion of the application process.

Wish you good Luck!

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