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How to print JAMB mock exam time table from jamb portal for free

How to print JAMB mock exam time table from jamb portal for free

How to print JAMB mock exam time table from jamb portal for free: Are you gearing up for the JAMB Mock Exam, ready to showcase your skills and knowledge? As you prepare to take this crucial step towards your academic future, one important task on your checklist should be printing your exam venue and timetable. Do not let confusion or last-minute rush dampen your confidence on exam day! In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to ensure you have everything you need to ace your JAMB Mock Exam.

How to print JAMB mock exam time table from jamb portal for free

Step 1: Log in to Your JAMB Profile: How to print JAMB mock exam venue

The first step is to log in to your JAMB profile on the official JAMB portal. Make sure you have your login credentials handy. Once logged in, navigate to the “eFacility” tab, where you’ll find all the essential features for managing your JAMB examinations.

Step 2: Access the Mock Exam Slip Printing Portal

Within the eFacility section, locate the option for printing your JAMB Mock Exam slip. This will typically be labeled as “Print Mock Examination Slip” or something similar. Click on the link to proceed to the mock exam slip printing portal.

Step 3: Enter Your Registration Details

On the mock exam slip printing portal, you will be prompted to enter your JAMB registration number or email address. Provide the required information accurately to ensure that you retrieve the correct exam details.

Step 4: Generate Your Mock Exam Slip

After entering your registration details, click on the “Print Examination Slip” button or similar option to generate your JAMB Mock Exam slip. This slip contains crucial information such as your exam venue, date, and time, so make sure to review it carefully.

Step 5: Print Your Mock Exam Slip: How to print JAMB mock exam venue

Once your mock exam slip is generated, it’s time to print it out. Make sure you have access to a printer and sufficient paper. Printing your exam slip in advance allows you to have a physical copy for reference on exam day.

Step 6: Review Your Exam Details: How to print JAMB mock exam venue

Before you stash away your printed mock exam slip, take a moment to review the details printed on it. Double-check the exam venue address, date and time to ensure accuracy. It is always better to spot any discrepancies early on rather than on the day of the exam.

Step 7: Keep Your Mock Exam Slip Safe

Now that you have your mock exam slip printed, keep it in a safe and easily accessible place. You will need to bring this slip with you to the exam venue on the day of the JAMB Mock Exam, so make sure you don’t misplace it.

By following these simple steps, you will be well-prepared and organized for your JAMB Mock Exam. Printing your exam venue and timetable ahead of time eliminates unnecessary stress and allows you to focus on what truly matters – demonstrating your knowledge and skills. So, get ready to conquer the exam with confidence and pave the way for your academic success!

Practical steps

  1. Navigate to
  2. Fill in either your JAMB Registration Number or Email address in the designated field (Please note: only one of them should be entered, not both).
  3. Select “Print Examination Slip.”
  4. Review and print your mock examination slip to access details such as your exam venue and time.

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