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How to Pass JAMB/WAEC and Post UTME

Hidden Secret on How to Pass 2023/2024 JAMB UTME

1) Early Planning Preparation Hidden Secret on How to Pass JAMB UTME

Yes! Now the ‘Study Guide’ has been structured. It’s now time for implementation. Studying is an act of reading carefully with an intent to remember, so, this is not like reading those broadcast messages you see on social media. Set your study goals and objectives, they would help strengthen and serve as a reminder when you’re getting fatigued. Hidden Secret on How to Pass JAMB UTME

Also, get your jotter stand by, jot down essential points don’t assume it’s already up there. Ensure you fully understand. Serve as your own teacher, make good use of mnemonics as reminders, now we’re at the fun part. Don’t overstress your brain, take a break when it’s getting boring, take a cool drink, surf the web, play a game or just take a walk. Then, get back to your books. see

2) Study ahead of Time

Knowing about the strategy the next thing is to study ahead of time, the mistake most students make is feeling reluctant and lazy to study, they actually wait to few weeks when the exam is coming up , that is when you see them getting prepared for the exam which at the end they can’t get the jamb score they desire because of late preparation. Hidden Secret on How to Pass JAMB UTME.

A writer says ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ so to boast your jamb score study like three-four months before the exam day by so doing you will be able to have access to everything you need.

3) Get qualitative materials for studying

You can’t study as students using only jamb application or past questions to study only, the truth remains that you don’t know what you are really answering if they are correct or wrong answers. The best thing to do is that you study hard with the textbooks that really comprehend for jamb.

Maintain steadiness and persistence after the months of studying your recommended textbooks, then its advisable to use your past question to access your effort of studying by so doing you will be able to judge yourself if actually you are really prepared.

4) Time your speed Accuracy Hidden Secret on How to Pass JAMB UTME

These are common mistakes we students make when studying or answering a question, we don’t time ourselves to check the tensity of our speed rate in a subject. Jamb is CBT (computer-based training) which is programmed to log off during a specific time duration and if you didn’t meet up the time that is the end of your exam that year which means the effort you put was useless.

So what you have to do is that you give yourself test and time yourself when answering your questions during your practice time before the main exam day always keep time close to you, time yourself to know how many minutes it takes you to answer 40 questions or 100 questions by so doing you are increasing your speed rate accuracy.

5) Use as your expo plug. still remains no 1 and the best expo exam website in Nigeria. Runs your jamb exam with us and be rest assured of scoring 350+.

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