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Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams

Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams

Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams

Future Geographers! If you are preparing for the JAMB, WAEC, NECO NABTEB exams and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the rivers, mountains and climatic regions, don’t worry—I’ve got your back. Let me explain some tried-and-true secrets to help you ace your Geography JAMB, WAEC, NECO NABTEB exams.

Understand the Syllabus Inside Out

First things first, get your hands on the official JAMB Geography syllabus. This document is your roadmap. It tells you exactly what topics will be covered and helps you prioritize your study time. Make sure you understand every topic listed. If you notice any areas where you’re a bit shaky, those are the ones to focus on.

Create a Study Schedule

A well-structured study schedule is your best friend. Break down your syllabus into manageable chunks and allocate time for each topic. Make sure to include breaks and revision periods. Consistency is key—studying a little bit each day is far more effective than cramming at the last minute.

Use Quality Study Materials

Invest in good textbooks and study guides specifically designed for the JAMB exams. Some of the top recommendations include the “New School Physics for Senior Secondary Schools” and the “Essential Geography for Senior Secondary Schools.” These books cover the JAMB syllabus comprehensively and provide practice questions.

Practice with Past Questions

Past JAMB questions are a goldmine. They give you a feel for the type and format of questions you can expect. Practice as many past questions as you can. This not only helps with understanding the question patterns but also with time management. Try to simulate exam conditions by timing yourself while practicing.

Understand Key Concepts and Terminologies

Geography is a subject that thrives on concepts and terminologies. Make sure you have a solid grasp of key geographical terms and concepts like plate tectonics, erosion, weathering, climate zones, and so on. Flashcards can be a great tool for memorizing these terms.

Use Mnemonics and Diagrams

Mnemonics can help you remember complex information. For example, to remember the layers of the atmosphere in order (Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere), you could use a mnemonic like “The Silly Monkey Talks Excitedly.” Also, make use of diagrams and maps. Visual aids can make understanding and recalling information much easier.

Join Study Groups

Sometimes, two heads are better than one. Joining a study group can provide you with different perspectives and explanations for difficult topics. You can quiz each other, share resources, and keep each other motivated.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

Geography isn’t just about physical landforms; it also includes human geography and current events. Stay updated with global and national news, especially those related to environmental issues, natural disasters, and geographical discoveries. This can be particularly helpful for essay-type questions.

Stay Healthy

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Eat well, get enough sleep, and take breaks during your study sessions. A healthy body supports a sharp mind. Also, manage your stress levels—meditation, exercise, or even a short walk can do wonders for your concentration.

Geography is one of the toughest examinations, especially in external such as WAEC NECO JAMB among others. Reason being that geography is so wide and cut across all other disciplines. Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams.

This article is to reveal the hidden secrets on how to answer geography exams questions to get good mark. The following tips are consider very important if you want to pass geography exam in one sitting.



The best way to attempt any geography question is to start with description/definition of terms. For instance, if you ask to calculate the distance between two places on the earth place using lines of latitude. The best way to go about is to start with the definition of latitude.   

The reason is that Geography, originally is coin from two Greek words, GEO and GRAPHY, GEO means EARTH and GRAPHY means TO DESCRIBE. Therefore geography simply means the study of the description of the earth.

Moreover, geography is more than a mere description of the earth. Hence, geography is better define as the study of people, their activities, places and physical environment. Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams


The most important tool in explaining the spatial distributions of the natural phenomenon and present them in human readable form is map. Maps as always been a tool used by geographers to explain geographic features because everything that happen, happen in a particular geographic location. In order to do well in geography exams, you need to use maps to present you answers.


pictures speak louder than words, since everything is not equally distribute on earth, pictures is one of the tools used by geographer to explain the disparities in spatial distributions of the earth. Hence, if a student is ask to attempt a particular question, you’re expect to use picture to present your information. Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams


In the area of human geography such as demographic studies, maps are very important to present or show a trend/pattern of population characteristics, spread of disease among others. Graphs such as pie chart, bar graph, dot map, histogram etc. are commonly use graphs in geographic analysis.  


Numbers are very important in geographic studies, it is therefore expect that any student writing geography exams or explaining geographic features must be conscious of applying numbers or using mathematical models to explain and demonstrate his or her understanding of the topic of interest.

The above tips and tools were used by founding fathers of geography applied in explaining the spatial distributions of the geographic features. Therefore if these tips are apply when writing especially external exams in geography, the sky is not only going to be your limit but a starting point.      


For instance, If you are asked to calculate the distance between two places on the earth let say; Kenya 300S AND Madrid 400S

STEPS (1): Locate the two places involved

Latitude 300S

Latitude 400N

This is the Secrets of Passing Geography JAMB Exams come 2023 geography external examinations

STEP (2): Calculate the latitudinal difference

300S + 400N =700

Don’t forget that 10 is equal to 111 kilometers

STEP (3): 700X111= 7,770 km

Therefore the distance between latitude 300S and 400N = 7,770 km


Remember, the JAMB exams are not just a test of your knowledge but also your preparation and strategy. With the right approach, you can turn what seems like a daunting task into a manageable challenge. Keep a positive mindset, trust in your preparation, and give it your best shot.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

What strategies have you found helpful in preparing for the JAMB exams? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below! Let’s ace this together.

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