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jamb portal to check result

Jamb Portal to Check Result

jamb portal to check result

In the dynamic landscape of education, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) serves as a pivotal institution, streamlining the process for students to pursue higher studies in Nigeria. One of the eagerly awaited moments for JAMB candidates is the release of their results. To ensure a seamless experience, we have crafted this guide to elucidate the process of checking your JAMB result on the JAMB portal. By following these steps, you can promptly access your scores and take the next stride towards your educational aspirations. jamb portal to check result.



Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede is a Professor of Islamics and a Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Fellow, Academy of Entrepreneurship; Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management; Fellow, Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies and Fellow, Association of Islamic Religious Studies and a Fellow, Nigerian Academic of Letters.

He has a first class degree in Arabic Language and Literature, a Masters degree in Islamic Studies and a Ph.D in Islamic jurisprudence. He also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from University of Ilorin.…read more


The legal instrument establishing the Board was promulgated by the Act (No. 2 of 1978) of the Federal Military Government on 13th February, 1978. By August 1988, the Federal Executive Council amended Decree No. 2 of 1978. The amendments have since been codified into Decree No. 33 of 1989, which took effect from 7th December, 1989. Decree No. 2 of 1978 (amended by Decree No. 33 of 1989) empowered the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board to:

(a) conduct Matriculation Examination for entry into all Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education (by whatever name called) in Nigeria

(b) appoint Examiners, Moderators, Invigilators, members of the Subject Panels and committees and other persons with respect to matriculation examinations and any other matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

(c) place suitably qualified candidates in the tertiary institutions after having taken into account:

  • (i) the vacancies available in each tertiary institution
  • (ii) the guidelines approved for each tertiary institution by its proprietors or other competent authorities
  • (iii) the preference expressed or otherwise indicated by the candidates for certain tertiary institutions and courses
  • (iv) such other matters as the Board may be directed by the Honorable Minister to consider or the Board itself may consider appropriate in the circumstances.

(d) collate and disseminate information on all matters relating to admissions into tertiary institutions or any other matter relevant to the discharge of functions of the board.

(e) carry out other activities as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on it under or pursuant to this Decree .


jamb portal to check result


Step 1: Accessing the JAMB Portal First and foremost, to embark on this journey of result discovery, navigate to the official JAMB portal. With a few clicks, you can gain access to the gateway that holds the key to your academic performance. This initial step forms the foundation of the entire process, laying the groundwork for what lies ahead.

Step 2: Providing the Requisite Information Once you are on the JAMB portal, you will be prompted to provide certain essential information. These include your JAMB registration number and the examination year. These details act as your credentials, opening the door to unveil the outcome of your dedicated efforts. By furnishing these particulars accurately, you set the stage for the system to retrieve your result securely.

STEPS on jamb portal to check result

Step 3: Verification through Captcha In the digital realm, security holds paramount importance. To ensure that only genuine candidates access the results, the portal incorporates a verification mechanism known as CAPTCHA. This step acts as a shield, thwarting any unauthorized attempts and fortifying the confidentiality of your result. Thus, you are required to complete this CAPTCHA challenge to proceed further.

Step 4: Gaining Access to Your Result As you surmount the CAPTCHA hurdle, the moment of revelation draws near. With a click of the ‘Submit’ button, your JAMB result will be unveiled before your eyes. The portal orchestrates the amalgamation of data and technology to present your performance summary seamlessly. Anticipation blends with reality as you absorb the outcome of your dedication and hard work.

In the tapestry of academic pursuits, checking your JAMB result on the JAMB portal signifies a pivotal juncture. This guide has delineated the sequential path to follow – from accessing the portal to unveiling your score. The transition from anticipation to realization, facilitated by technology and accurate data input, epitomizes the essence of this process. As the JAMB Registrar, I encourage all candidates to approach this endeavor with equanimity, for it represents not only a result but a step forward on your educational odyssey. Embrace the digital realm, leverage the portal, and embrace the outcomes that will shape your future pursuits.

jamb portal to check result: jamb portal to check result

jamb portal to check result: When will JAMB Result 2023 be released for all candidates who participated in the 2023/2024 UTME exams to check their score. There are two ways you can access your UTME result online when it is out.

jamb portal to check result

So many candidates are asking when their JAMB result will be out because they are eager to see what their score is.

According to the board, the result will release gradually. If you check your results now and get a response like “No Result Yetsend your email, name and NIN to NIMC/JAMB 2023” Do not panic, check back later to know if your result has been uploaded because JAMB results are usually released in batches. Or it may be due to network/system glitches.

When Will JAMB Result 2023 Be Out When will JAMB Result 2023/2024 be released 

JAMB release results after 2 days that you sat for the exam. Provided you didn’t engage in any malpractice or your JAMB centre hasn’t be flagg for irregularities.

For example, if you write the exam like on Saturday, expect your result latest on Monday. For those that wrote it on Monday, expect on Wednesday. Those that sat for the CBT on Tuesday, look forward to Thursday. Also those that sat for JAMB on Wednesday, Friday is the likely day for the result to be out. If yours is Thursday, expect it on Friday or Saturday.

Before then, See check your 2023 JAMB result when is out online. The only process of checking the 2023 UTME results for now as the Board has not uploaded it on its website for obvious reasons.

To check the 2023 UTME result, simply send UTMERESULT to 55019 using the same phone number that you used for registration. The result would be return as a text message or 


1) I Sent Result to 55019/66019 But no Reply?

  1. Ensure you use the same phone number you used when you register for JAMB, else JAMB will not send the results to you.
  2. Secondly, portal might be busy due to high traffic, so it advisable to send the message in midnight.
  3. Ensure you have credit on your phone and If you have not been charge, then it means you should just give it some time. Most times this problem is from network. When will JAMB Result 2023/2024 be release
  4. If you have been charge but didn’t receive your result, then you should make sure that your phone number is not on Do Not Disturb (DND). Also you can then resort to using JAMB result checker portal to access it.

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