ESRC-BBSRC Biosocial Research Centres for Doctoral Training

By | December 9, 2023

ESRC-BBSRC Biosocial Research Centres for Doctoral Training

ESRC-BBSRC Biosocial Research Centres for Doctoral Training: ESRC is a part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and focuses on funding research and training in the social sciences. BBSRC, also a part of UKRI, primarily supports research in the biological sciences.

Collaborations between different research councils, such as ESRC and BBSRC, are not uncommon, especially when research topics span multiple disciplines. Biosocial research, which explores the interaction between biological and social factors, could be an area where these councils collaborate.

A significant proportion of the UK Research Councils’ funding for postgraduate research studentships is now awarded to institutions via Centres for Doctoral Training (also known as DTC or CDT) and Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP).

The University of Manchester continues to be successful in securing funding to support Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT or DTC) and Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP). These are flagship doctoral training programmes that provide cutting-edge doctoral study within a dynamic research culture that encourages innovative, cross-disciplinary collaboration.

There are real benefits from undertaking a doctoral programme through a CDT or DTP:

  • Competitive stipends
  • Opportunities to engage in research collaborations with leading researchers from across the partnership
  • Integral involvement of leading industry, business, government and charity partners in both training and research
  • Innovative and engaging postgraduate research experience from training as part of a cohort

Full list of CDTs

The following Doctoral Training Programmes offer studentships at The University of Manchester:

Further opportunities

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